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Posted by SamZee - October 3rd, 2012

Hello ^^, here you go with the latest news (now at least). Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, for there's only the continuation of a story in this post. If you didn't read the first part, you should do that; otherwise it makes no sense to you.


He looked at it more closely. It was nearer now, you could see some shape in it. While it drew nearer, it looked to him as if a giant bird had some problems with flying, the thing didn't try to move the extensions which, he thought, were wings.
Further down it fell, now it was already big enough to cover a part of the night sky and thanks to that the silhouette of the thing could be seen much more clearly now. A sudden thought popped up in his mind while observing it, but he quickly tried to forget it; devils didn't exist. But now he was thinking about it, forgetting it didn't help much, it really looked to him like some sort of devil. Big wings shaped like those of bats, dark red skin, for as long as he could see it, and the fact that it was flying in the sky, that is a description of an average devil.
And in addition to that, it really looked like a human, apart from the skin color and the wings of course, but it couldn't be a human; how on earth did it manage to be falling from that distance in the air, then?
Wondering about that, he didn't notice that the course in which the creature was falling, had changed. Before it seemed as if it was going to fall on top of one of the houses in the centre of the village but now it was heading for the small forest in the east-side of the village.
He followed it some more with his eyes until it almost reached the forest-ground, then it disappeared behind a tree. A sting of annoyance flew through his brain, why did that tree had to grow just there, couldn't it grow somewhere else? At last something unusual was going to happen in his life and now some random tree blocked his view. It couldn't be helped, this was the first thing in about seven years that had finally caught his curiosity and now he wanted to find out what it exactly was.
Not knowing the consequences he got to the door and took his jacket. For a short moment he looked back at the forest, it seemed as if there was a bright glow about it, but that could be just his imagination as well. He sighed, thinking about what may wait for him in that forest, and walked away into the night.

After he had walked for a couple of miles he arrived at the border of the forest, nothing special had happened on his way to, as always. Though, there seemed to be floating a peculiar little smell that, to him, reeked of something exciting to happen. He pulled up his jacket a little bit higher to try blocking the cold air from floating underneath his clothes and freezing his limbs. Maybe he should just go back and turn on the heating, maybe even read a nice book or watch a movie, he didn't know what to do anyway, because he never ever had something like this before. What would you've expected else here, in High Standard.. And it's not like it can be dangerous, even if the creature that had fallen down survived the landing, it would be at least knock-out. Apparently that thought convinced him of going, because just when he finished thinking it, he shrugged and entered the forest.
At first the forest wasn't that dark as it seemed from afar, but the more the distance he walked, the closer the trees grew, blocking the little moonlight that was still coming from above and making the forest look much more evil than before, but that didn't scare him. On the contrary actually, he was looking at the trees admiringly. He never knew that these beautiful trees were growing here; outside the forest it always looked miserably and grey, but now he was actually in the forest they had this wonderful blue glow and these perfectly shaped branches that looked just like large bony hands, stretched out as if guarding their kind.
He tried to remember where the creature had landed, and came to the conclusion it would have been better if he had brought a map with him. He looked up and remembered reading something about finding the north, south, west and east using the direction the moon, or sun, was going. He stood still for a bit and watched the moon in its movements, very slowly he saw it creeping to the left. And the sun comes up where the moon is coming from, he made a little calculation in his mind, so that means the east was on his right. Quite pleased with himself that he had successfully solved that problem he started walking eastwards.

And? You liked it :)? Please leave a comment if you can spare one ^^.
Also, completely unrelated but a really cute story:

The fable of the moon and the giraffe:

Is anyone wondering why the moon have a crescent form ?
The girafe is hindered by the moonlight, she can't sleep !
Every month, she starts to eat the moon
She can't make short work of it otherwise she may choke...
so, she nibbles pieces, drinking some the clouds sometimes.
After 14 days, the sky is entirely black
So the giraffe take a nap.

Does anyone know why the moon is back after ?
Nor the giraffe either me know it. ^^

( copyrighted by aquasixio )

Drawing was also made by Aquasixio, he has some pretty good artwork and you can find his Deviant here xD.


Comments (1)

Nice, nice.

I like where the story's going... Keep going.

Thank you ^^, I'll definitely keep writing on this. Currently it's the story where I get the most inspiration for and from, above my dutch story which you read as well. But who knows, maybe it's just temporary :P.